A tear can replace a drop of blood when testing for sugar

Scientists report the development and successful laboratory testing of a new electrochemical sensor, which potentially will be able to measure glucose levels in tears instead of blood, that can help 350 million diabetics in the world. They don't have to feel uncomfortable every time piercing the finger to the traditional test.

Lead author of the project mark Single and colleagues explain that about 5 percent of the world's population (and about 26 million people in the US only) have diabetes. This disease is a rapidly growing public health problem because of the sharp global growth of obesity, which makes people predisposed to type II diabetes. People with diabetes should monitor the level of glucose in the blood several times a day to ensure that she is in a safe range. Current portable glucometers require a drop of blood that patients receive, piercing the finger with a pin or Lancet. However, some patients admit that the procedure is quite painful, which prevents regular testing. That is why a team of a Single working to create new, painless device that will help to know the level of glucose in the tear, and will be quite accurate.

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Tests of this method on laboratory rabbits used as surrogates for humans in such experiments showed that glucose levels in tears corresponds to the level of sugar in the blood. "This makes it possible to measure the level of glucose in tears several times a day to control the content of glucose in the blood without blood and pain",- encouraging researchers.

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