A strong marriage is the prevention of bone disease

Proven: a happy marriage reduces the risk of cancer and heart disease. On the eve confirmed by another fact. It turns out that marriage has an effect on the bones of men, writes The Daily Mail. The observation showed that men who entered into a relationship after 25 years have stronger bones than those who have experienced a break with your other half, or not married at all.

Early marriage up to 25 years, as it turned out, associated with a reduction in bone density of the spine. Scientists trace the relationship between age and intensity changes. It is assumed that it is caused by the constant stress that young men experience quite often. Financial responsibility fell on the young man has too much pressure, which affects all organs and systems.

Dr. Carolyn crandall (University of California) said: people who engage in family life at a young age often do not have great wealth and quality education. This significantly affects their social and economic position. This factor has the effect, go with the Smoking or unhealthy food. The lack of experience of common life, lack of time, family scandals and stress significantly worsen the condition of the bones, while the support and harmonious relations strengthen the body.

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