A stressful job can make the condition worse men with heart disease and diabetes

When the body is faced with difficult circumstances and life's challenges, it gives a protective reaction in the form of stress. The latter, in turn, can not affect the overall health of the person. British scientists conducted a study among men with stressful jobs are prone to disturbances in the functioning of the cardiovascular system. According to the results, announced UPI.com in such subjects the risk not to reach old age 68% higher than those with less stressful jobs.

This study involved more than 100 thousand people of different genders, of which 3400 were predisposed to cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. The actual test lasted for 14 years. During this period killed around 3.8 thousand subjects. Their findings are built, relying on the degree of job stress and social status of the volunteers.

In the end it turned out that hard work is much more dangerous for men with heart diseases and diabetics. Also the risk group includes subjects who have had a stroke. In the course of the experiment were taken into account and other factors that could influence the result.

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