A speedy cure for all who suffer from incontinence

Millions of women worldwide suffer from urinary incontinence, because many people think that this disease is something indecent or shameful, they often postpone visit to the doctor and try to cope with their illness alone.

In the United States from incontinence suffers about 15 million women every cough or sneeze can lead to unpleasant consequences. Usually such incontinence appears after birth, until now, doctors have solved these problems by surgery, creating additional support for the bladder, but this way recently been more complaints.

It was proposed that a new non-surgical solution - catheter according to the method Renessa is introduced into the base of the bladder, then the fabric a little heated. Within 3 months of elasticity of the walls, which allows patients to more easily control their urination.

Clinical trials showed that after 90 days, 75 percent of women had improved from 60 percent increase control over the bladder until full recovery. Catheter method is very simple - you do not need to change the dressing, equipment changes, it is installed for a couple of hours and does not bring any inconvenience.

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