A special diet will slow aging of the brain, say scientists

Scientists from rush University has developed a special diet. Its purpose is to prevent premature aging of the brain. In addition, the diet is used for the prevention of hypertension. In test methods took part 960 of older people. The study lasted 4.7 years, during this time, researchers monitored the health of the volunteers, says Zee News.

Regular meals for diet MIND slows down the aging process of the brain at 7.5 years. Cognitive impairment, scientists believe, can be postponed to later years. The main thing is to use 10 groups of foods for the brain. From the five food groups (red meat, fried foods, oils, cakes and sweets) should be abandoned.

People on a diet MIND every day should eat three servings of whole grains, lots of leafy vegetables any other vegetable. Allowed one glass of wine. Snacking better nuts. As the source of proteins are fatty fish, poultry and legumes. Resolved all the berries.

In observance of this diet will be much easier to preserve not only the youth of the brain, but also to protect the cardiovascular system, reduce the risk of obesity and diabetes mellitus in older years.

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