Scientists from the University of Nottingham established: Imiquimod cream helps to cope with basal cell skin cancer. At the moment this disease is the most common malignancy of the skin. As the main methods of treatment of basal cell carcinoma uses radiation therapy and surgery, the newspaper writes

The essence of basal-cell cancer in the following. This cancer develops relatively slowly, to cancer a basal cell carcinoma can be attributed only conditionally. That is why the timing of treatment of this disease is allowed to stretch for a relatively long time. In a study of patients with basal cell carcinoma for three years, applied the cream with a special formula. Consequently, the positive effect was achieved in 83,6% of the volunteers. The surgical treatment effectiveness reaches 98.4% of.

Experts suggest that a cream can with a thief, a worthy replacement for surgical treatment for elderly patients with recurrence of basal cell carcinoma. As the main method of treatment specialists recommend to resort to traditional methods.

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