A Spanish company has released a doll that promotes anorexia

Spanish company Famosa has caused anger among specialists in the field of nutrition, releasing the doll that turns away when it try to feed, writes The Daily Mail. Scientists believe that this behavior should not be promoted among children and may lead to an increase in cases of anorexia (refusal to eat).

The creators of the dolls assure that toy just repeats the behavior of an ordinary child. Often kids don't want to eat what they offer parents. However, when constant contact with this doll, the child may think that skipping a meal is a complete norm. The toy is sold in Europe. The set includes a spoon with a magnet. When you try to feed a doll that turns his head until the child correctly will not have a spoon.

Experts believe that the promotion of such conduct to the child cannot be justified. In their opinion, the manufacturer should think about and change the concept of the doll. Today's children are extremely receptive, quickly copy the behavior and absorb all that brings the outside world.

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