A small portion of wine during pregnancy strengthens the immune system of the child

Scientists from Denmark after conducting a series of tests concluded that a small portion of alcohol during pregnancy can harm the baby and even strengthens the immune system. Researchers were interested in the fact that women who regularly consume alcohol, often give birth to quite strong and adapted to the environment of children.

Between 1996 and 2002, the researchers conducted a global survey, which was attended by over one hundred thousand pregnant women. Scientists were interested in their attitude to alcohol. After seven years, the specialists found 37 thousand children born from respondents, and examined them with the help of special tests.

It turned out that a small portion of wine during pregnancy often had a positive impact on the child. A couple of glasses a week, not only does no harm, but also improved thought processes of the child in the future, strengthen the immune system. These health indicators, the researchers note, were better than those of children born to women without alcohol.

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