A simple way to extend the life: vitamin D and calcium

The new discovery scientists from the Danish University of Aarhus assumes that a certain combination of food additives will help to significantly reduce the mortality rate among older people, increasing their life expectancy. The researchers compared the life expectancy of patients, some of them took vitamin D, the second - vitamin D with calcium.

Analyzed eight studies on food additives, which participated in a total of 1000 people ( 90 percent of whom were women older than 70 years). Three years of monitoring by the group showed that the mortality in the group receiving vitamin D with calcium, decreased by 9 percent.

"Older patients who Supplement with vitamin D in combination with calcium, extend your life by at least three years, however, among those who drank just vitamin D, this result was not noticed," said the study's lead author Lars Renmark.

Only in the United States according to statistics, home to more than 39 million people over 65 years of age, this study should help them to improve their quality of life and prolong its life.

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