A significant difference in the effects on the body between white and black bread no - scientists

Still among nutritionists do not cease debate about what kinds of bread (black or white) causes the body more harm. A group of Israeli scientists have attempted to understand this is not really a clear question and undertook a series of studies, which was attended by ten volunteers.

The essence of the experiment was that participants were divided into two groups, each of which for fourteen days were consumed exclusively black or exclusively white bread (the share of this product in the diet was about twenty-five percent) . After a time, the groups changed places.

All this time the participants were under the close supervision of dietitians, which are periodically performed measurements of the level of sugars, proteins and microelements in their blood, followed the weight fluctuations, blood pressure and a number of other indicators, allowing to judge about certain aspects of the functioning of the body.

In result we found out that the influence of both varieties of bread on the course of metabolic processes and the functioning of the organism as a whole is almost identical. The small differences observed among the individual study participants, were linked with their individual physiological characteristics of the class used bread depended.

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