A short walk after lunch, reduce sugar level in diabetics

Researchers are advised to take a short walk immediately after each meal. Especially useful for this kind of physical activity for people with diabetes. Walking relieves the body of excess carbohydrates, derived from bakery products and sweet products, writes Zee News.

In total, the study involved 41 people with the diagnosis "diabetes of the second type". The volunteers were asked immediately after eating to go for a short walk. It turned out that such a simple measure allows to reduce the level of sugar in the blood by 12-22%. Trips have a maximum efficacy after dinner, and minimal โ€“ after Breakfast. This is logical, because for dinner most people receive the largest amount of carbohydrates.

Moderate physical activity, the researchers said, is a great way to normalize metabolism in the body. Calories at this is spent in the right way.

Note diabetes type II diabetes insulin is produced in large quantities, however, fabrics have a resistance to this hormone. The result is poorly digested sugars and long circulate in the blood.

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