A sharp increase weight women may be the first sign of breast cancer

Women who after 18 years perceptibly gaining weight, automatically fall into the risk of cancer and especially breast cancer. As reported by News Fix, experts to conduct the study took a group of women 50-74 years. When the experiment was reinforced not only by their current weight, and weight at age 18 years.

Those of the study participants who scored in the past since the adolescence period of 9.5 -13,6 pounds, much more developed breast cancer than those women whose weight did not change. With the increase of fat increased the level of estrogen, which is known to be beneficial to the development of breast cancer.

This is the reason why experts recommend women to carefully monitor their own weight. This is especially true in the period after menopause, when the weight control helps reduce the risk of cancer.

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As demonstrated in the University of California, would be very useful reduction in the ration of the volume of fatty foods. According to studies, the risk of death is reduced by 66% when using low-fat products. This pattern was obtained in experiments where it was involved 2437 women.

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