A sedentary lifestyle can lead to cancer and diabetes study

Scientists-oncologists found that a sedentary lifestyle leads to cancer, heart disease, blood vessels, diabetes of the second type. For each extra two hours spent on the chair, the risk of endometrial cancer is increased by 10%, the risk of bowel cancer jumps to 8% lung 6%, writes The Telegraph.

Interestingly, the effect was not dependent on human activity during training. Long periods of reduced activity (office work, computer) are dangerous in themselves. Researchers conducted a follow-up of 4 million healthy people and 70 thousands of cancer patients. People told the researchers about the way his life and time spent in a sitting position.

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Data processing was done by specialists from the University of Regensburg. Watching television has had a significant impact on the increased risk of endometrial cancer. It is especially dangerous during watching eat unhealthy food, drinking sweet drinks. In this case, we see a combination of two factors - a static position and carcinogenic food. Scientists recommended by the chair and the sofa is not more than three hours per day, only then can you be sure of your health.

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