A scientist from Russia will spend on the experiment itself for rejuvenation

Aleksei Karnaukhov, a scientist from the Institute of cell Biophysics, Russian Academy of Sciences, will be the first person to have experienced anti-aging technology. Before this method was tried on laboratory mice.

"I do perceive this opportunity as a huge success. The fact that there are medical and even legal restrictions on the age of the donor is 55 years. So I don't have much time," talks about his choice scientist.

In the experiment with laboratory mice was able to increase the life span of animals by 34%. For men, these percentages mean approximately 25 years of additional life.

According to the theory of the creators of technology, aging is a process of accumulation of mutations in the genome of the cells. A possible solution of the paradox of "non-aging germ lines" should slow cell death and, consequently, to postpone death.

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