A resident of the U.S. state of Texas has the record for the donation of breast milk

A young mother Alicia Richman put your name on the pages of the famous Guinness book of records. She has quite extensive experience as a donor breast milk. The woman gave about 87 gallons of this product (329 liters), says the New York Daily News.

After this result it merits just couldn't go unnoticed. It all started last year when Alicia was born a son. She soon discovered that her milk is not only missing son, but he still remains a sufficient amount of. Thanks to this feature, the child of Alicia doesn't know what baby food. Milk at the same time became more and more. Soon fridge young mother was scored this product. Then in communication with an unusual woman came out of Texas Bank, specializing in breast milk. This organization helps to feed children who cannot feed their mother.

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Since June 2011 Alicia began to take the milk to the Fund of the Bank. In March 2012, the amount of donated milk was already about 86.8 gallons. The previous record of 23 gallon was significantly surpassed. The milk from this mother has already saved the lives of thousands of children.

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