A resident of Texas turned into alcohol factory

61-year-old resident of Texas was admitted to doctors Barbara Cordell and Justin McCartney with dizziness and stomach pain. The blood test showed the presence of strong alcoholic intoxication. Surprisingly, the patient claimed to not drink for a long time. His words confirmed his wife. However, she said that her husband constantly acting strangely. Indicators of alcohol did not descend below the level of 0.33%, says CBS News.

Being in the hospital under observation did not reduce the level of alcohol in the blood. Only a comprehensive examination and bacteriological examination showed the true cause of the disease: in the stomach of a patient multiplied and lived fungi Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

Fungi of this genus are used in the production of bread and alcohol. In a healthy body these microorganisms are able to survive. Pathology took its development, according to the doctors, after a heavy course of antibiotics, which has violated the internal balance and killed a large part of the microflora of the gastrointestinal tract. This dysbiosis and led to the colonization of the intestine and stomach fungi. Contributed to the reproduction and the fact that the patient had consumed carbohydrates in large quantities. They are rapidly decomposed and formed the alcohol, which caused a constant alcohol intoxication. Antifungal therapy and special diet helped mysterious patient in getting rid of the disease. Now he is on the mend.

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