A resident of France lived without a brain for almost 50 years

Amazing clinical case got doctors from France: in the survey they were not able to find the brain of a 50 year old male. He led a normal life: had a wife, children, a career civil servant.

Doctors believed the man normal until 2007, when he first came to complete a survey about severe pain in the legs. When the tests nothing was found, doctors decided to conduct the patient brain MRI. The picture struck them: 90% of the volume of the cranium was occupied by the cerebrospinal fluid, the remaining 10% - areas of gray matter.

At first no one could believe in such a thing. In the almost complete absence of the brain the man led a full life. The only deviation is the relatively low level of IQ, but that did not prevent the patient to arrange a career civil servant.

The case of Mathieu questioned the necessity of all parts of the nervous system of man and once again tells us about the difficulties that science may face when studying the brain.

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