A rare genetic mutation reduces underarm odor.

Research scientists have shown that many owners of rare mutations, due to which they have no unpleasant smell armpits, continue to use deodorant. This is due to socio-cultural stereotypes.

The results of this study, which was conducted by experts from the University of Bristol, published in the pages of the journal of Investigative Dermatology.

During the study, were tested 6495 women in the UK, with the purpose of revealing them ABCC11 gene, which explains the lack of underarm odor. This rare gene was found in 117 participants, that is, 2 percent test. Of these, only 26 women did not use deodorants.

As explained by one of the researchers Santiago Rodriguez, only 25 percent of women knew that they do not need to use deodorant, as the smell is not produced, and the remaining 75 percent continued to use them, based on accepted standards. This situation is not similar to the situation with the population of North-East Asia, where many people also do not need deodorants, but do not use them.

Another distinguishing feature of the owners of this rare gene: their ear sulphur is not sticky like most people, and dry. The researchers also calculated that in case of failure of the British with a rare mutation from buying deodorants, manufacturers of perfumes and cosmetics would have suffered losses, equal to nearly 12 million pounds per year.

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