A public opinion poll in Russia found out, afraid of what its citizens

"Levada-center" conducted a survey, which found that causes the greatest fear among our compatriots. Thus, more than half of respondents said that they are frightened by the illness of a family member or loved one (58%).

It is noteworthy that this year had been concerned for the health of their loved ones, according to statistics, 10% of respondents, compared with similar data for 2017 (earlier their number was 47%). As of 1989 the number of such people was 61%.

Russian research organization also found that the pain and torment cause fear, only 17% of Russian citizens, and death in 9% of the respondents.

The top-ranking fears the Russians also included the fear of military action (51%) and job loss (44%). It should be noted that these data are higher than in 2017. 36% of Russians are assured that they are afraid of natural disasters, while 31% of respondents are most afraid of poverty.

Foreign sociologists who conducted earlier, a similar survey determined that some longevity is fear associated with age-related diseases. Especially terrible the respondents sees the prospect of developing dementia. It is noted that old age causes people more fear than death. According to experts, more than 1 person out of 6 would die at the age of 80 years. Sociologists argue that the idea of dying before you get the development of senile diseases, especially the Hispanics. Blacks, in turn, expressed a desire to live, at least to a hundred years.

These data were obtained in a survey of over a thousand people aged 18 to 64 years. Among them about 50% women and 33% were University graduates. Every third Respondent would like to celebrate their own 80th birthday, and every fourth – to live up to 90 years or more. The other would prefer to die before the age of 100 years. It is emphasized that the darker the opinion of the Respondent regarding age, the earlier he wishes to escape from life.

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