A psychologist told how not to fall into "Groundhog Day"

In the West today is the celebration of Groundhog Day. Longstanding tradition says that on this day the Groundhog's behavior can be judged on the proximity of the onset of spring.

There is also another meaning of the expression, which appeared thanks to the American film Director Harold Ramis "Groundhog Day" where the main character bill Murray waking up again and again is in the same day. The film is about what every day people do the same things, not paying attention to the little things and enjoy what life brings.

Psychologist Arthur Karaganov on radio Sputnik advised how to get out from the "Groundhog" and to deceive the time loop.

1. You first need to stop comparing yourself and your progress with others. Effect comparison with other people dampens our vnutrennich potency, said Karaganov. There is a sense of depression.

2. You need to set realistic goals. For example, if you are waiting for summer travel, you stop to enjoy today.

3. To start to do things. We control your life, not the Groundhog, who tells us when it will be spring.

4. The brain needs variety. Astroites for a new job, change your routine, go to work the other way or just simply change your usual lunch. All this gives your brain new energy.

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