A promising opening about autism

Scientists have discovered two biologically different types of autism, this breakthrough could lead to the development of a new, more individual, the treatment of this disease. The magnitude of the opening is equated with the discovery of various forms of cancer in the 1960's. Now scientists from the University of California began to hope that socialization, communication and other difficulties faced by autistic children, can be solved.

Scientists investigated 350 children under the age of two with autism, they divided the children into two groups. In one group were boys who regressed to autism at the age of 18 months, in the other group were children whose immune system is incorrectly operated, which led to the disease. Now doctors can split form of autism and treat them in accordance with its type, if the baby's immune system, doctors will start it.

The more biological subtypes reveals scientists, the more particular, and therefore will be more effective treatment program for each child.

To date, no doctor would treat a person of cancer in General", he will reveal th shape and location, and autism - the appearance of this disease must be determined individually. Lead author of the study Professor of psychiatry Bruce Tong notes that likely has many subtypes of autism. For example, some children with autism manifests itself, because in the first years of life, their brain is growing up too fast.

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