A preliminary list of the most useful vegetables already prepared

British organisation for combating diseases of the endocrine system Diabetes UK conducted a study to determine what vegetables actually help in the fight against diabetes. Although the study controlled the organisation is still in the process, there are some results, bearing a preliminary character.

According to scientists, vegetables in General help people in the fight against excess weight and also protect it from type II diabetes and obesity. They regulate the metabolism in the body and prevent metabolic syndrome. But useful vegetables in this matter are not all. Best aim cope Jerusalem artichoke, chicory, asparagus and garlic.

Only in these vegetables are contained in a large number of slow carbohydrates, which enable the body to produce hormones that reduce appetite and inhibiting the production of the hormone ghrelin (the hunger hormone). Again, this is not the final results, and the final result will take some more time.

It should also be noted that all of these vegetables have the ability to lower the blood sugar levels and are a great preventive diabetes. Earthy pear (also called a Jerusalem artichoke) is very nutritious and promotes weight loss. It contains two times more vegetable protein, mineral salts, fructose and other useful items than beets.

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