A person's mood can be determined by the movements of a computer mouse

Sure Professor Jeffrey Jenkins from Brigham young University. Anger and other negative emotions make a person perform more movements with a brush. This changes the "picture" formed by the mouse cursor. It becomes more chaotic and the movement speed of the cursor increases dramatically, writes The Financial Express.

To collect information about the movements of the mouse is quite simple. Enough to put on the user's computer a special program. Having processed the data of hundreds of people, presumably, who was in a complacent state, and who have experienced anger, anxiety or sadness.

It can even tell when people are confused by the redesign of your favorite website. Then the cursor often describes a curved path instead of straight movements on the page. Negative emotions and sadness are forced to move the mouse slower. It is possible that the developed method can also be adapted for smartphones with touchscreens.

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