A new way to prevent hemophilia

A new drug that is commonly used for the treatment of bleeding in people with severe hemophilia may also be used to prevent the disease itself, according to a new study.

An international team of researchers led by Dr. Cindy Lessinger of Tolstogo medical University, together with Dr. Alessandro Gringeri from Milan University, investigated the ability of FEIBA to prevent heavy bleeding in people with hemophilia. People with this disease produce antibodies known as inhibitors of coagulation.

Hemophilia patients with inhibitors require treatment alternative forms of factor in blood clotting, known as bypassing the usual agents, and until recently was limited to stop bleeding in case of urgent necessity. Treatment of bleeding in these patients is not always effective, resulting in significant problems for patients who typically experience recurrent bleeding and progressive disease of the joints.

A new study found that if prophylactic treatment with FEIBA is safe and effective in preventing bleeding in patients with hemophilia And inhibitors. Thirty-four patients participated in the 15-month study.

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The study showed that, compared with the treatment of symptoms, the use of FEIBA three times per week resulted in a reduction of 62 percent of all bleeding and 72 percent reduction in articular bleeding. Almost two-thirds of patients showed a good review on prophylactic treatment with FEIBA, reducing bleeding to 82 percent.

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