A new way to beat blood cancer

Scientists say that blood cancer can be defeated by removing the protein from myeloid cancer cells. A team of scientists from the Institute of medical research Walter and Eliza declares that an aggressive form of blood cancer acute myeloid leukemia, poorly susceptible to drugs may be affected by means of aimed at protein Mcl-1.

Acute myeloid leukemia is the most common type of acute leukemia, which can occur in children and adults older than 60 years. Among patsientov with this diagnosis longer than five years after diagnosis lives only one person out of six.

If you remove protein Mcl-1, which is also called "survival factor", as it prolongs the life of cells, cancer cells may die quickly.

Gene Mcl-1 was first detected in cells with leukemia, however, until now it was unknown that it plays a key role in the survival of such cells. If you disable this protein, the cancer cells quickly die.

Scientists say that this discovery will help to develop new treatment of acute myeloid leukemia by developing a method of locking Mcl-1.

It is important to note that cancer cells are much less susceptible to death in the absence of Mcl-1, which means you can develop a medication aimed at Mcl-1, in which the cancer cells will die while healthy will remain alive, thereby accelerating the healing process.

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