A new type of sleeping bag is able to get rid of cellulite

Scientists have created a new way to fight against cellulite. It is quite simple and does not require much physical effort. In order to get rid of "orange peel" no need to torture yourself with exercises in the gym. For this it is enough to sleep in. But sleep no where else but in a special sleeping bag "Body Ballancer". As promised the developers, this invention will not only save women from cellulite, but will also help to improve digestion, remove toxins from the body, to protect themselves from the cold, but also make the skin appearance more attractive.

The sleeping bag a few frightening appearance, as it is equipped with a sufficient number of connected wires, and its management is carried out using the remote. Thus, a sleeping bag is a complex, which consists of 24 pockets that are filled with air.

Initially this miracle of technology we developed for the treatment of a lymphostasis, which is characterized by the accumulation of lymph fluid in the human body. This disease may be congenital, but sometimes it occurs as a side effect from the injury or from surgery.

The air that filled pockets, creates waves of compression, thus replacing lymphatic drainage massage. Usually this makes massage therapist, ridding the body of accumulated therein excess liquid.

What is cellulite? Under the cellulite refers to the accumulation of fat, water and lymphatic fluid. This mixture gets stuck in collagen fibers and remains under the skin, forming cellulite. The massage is designed to get rid of fat and fluids, thus freeing the woman from "orange peel" skin.

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We can only hope that this wonderful bag, in fact, has all the qualities, which they say its creators.

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