A new type of male contraceptive - gel

Experimental contraceptive gel for men reduces the number of sperm in the ejaculate in 89 percent of men to extremely low values, making sex safe from unwanted pregnancy of partner .

To achieve the desired effect, the gel should be applied daily on the skin. It is enriched with testosterone and synthetic progestin (estosterone), together they inhibit the production of sperm.

Developed contraceptives scientists from the Los Angeles Institute of biomedical research. For the experiment, scientists have divided the 99 male volunteers into three groups. The first group during the six months was instructed to use the gel with 10 mg of testosterone, the second - gel with testosterones in combination with a gel containing 8 mg of estosterone, third - gel with 12 mg estosterone. The results of the experiment showed that when using only testosterone gel concentration of spermatozoa is reduced to secure a contraceptive level, only 23 percent of men. Those who used a combination of gels, in 89 percent of cases reached a low level of activity of sperm.

Besides the great advantages of such a contraceptive at this stage is the complete absence of adverse reactions that were previously identified in the attempt to create a male contraceptives on the basis of injections or implants. The gel does not affect the quality of sexual life, and after its abolition quickly restored the activity of spermatozoa.

Previously it was proposed to apply for male contraception testosterone and progestin, but then the scientists tried to create tablets, injections or implants.

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