A new type of drug-resistant Salmonella

An international team of scientists from Denmark, France, England and the United States have identified a new drug-resistant strain of S Salmonella, especially sustainable this strain to ciproflaxin, which is traditionally used for the treatment of Salmonella infections.

Total found 489 infected with strain S patients in different European countries in the period from 2000 to 2006 there were registered cases of the disease in Africa and the middle East.

About ten percent of patients from France and England reported that they stayed in these areas previously, and therefore likely the infection was contained in contaminated food, or infection was obtained through contact with infected people.

The researchers also found that the strain can be contained in imported chickens and turkeys from Ethiopia, Nigeria and Morocco.

Study leader Dr Simon Le high notes that national ministries of health and agriculture of the European countries must stop the spread of this strain, by tightening controls. Otherwise, the strain's spread across the globe, and its letartoztatott threatens death to thousands of people.

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