A new type of avian influenza found in Indonesia

Scientists warned that Indonesia has emerged a new form of avian influenza is much more dangerous than the previous one. In this case, the virus is not susceptible chickens, as in past times, and ducks.

According to the scientist from the Centre for research on avian influenza at the University of "erlang" Chairul Nedoma, its danger lies in the fact that the ducks are swimming in the water, and therefore, the virus has the ability to spread for miles, RIA "Novosti". Deaths from this flu is no less important than its previous versions.

"H5N1 clade 2.3.2 as dangerous because it has the same pathogenesis, and still treasure 2.3.1, which killed so many people," - said the Deputy Chairman of the Ninth Commission at the Parliament of Indonesia, Nova Riyanti Yusuf.

The epidemic has generated interest and exploration in Indonesia. According to the head of the intelligence services Indonesia, Lieutenant-General Marciano Norman, the spread of this virus may be the work of terrorists, and intelligence service pays special attention to the occurrence of this incident. General urged to be vigilant as biological weapons improved around the world, reports The Jakarta Post.

Remembering the events of 2000 years, when due to bird flu Indonesia suffered more than any country in the world, Indonesians fear of a new avian influenza pandemic. At that time, killing 160 people in the country. The avian influenza virus is dangerous because it is constantly exposed to mutations, and vaccine it becomes almost impossible. In this case, a virus that affects ducks, can infect not only those people who have contact with sick birds, but those who have contact with water, where it floated sick birds.

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