A new test for determining the cause of hypertension

For cardiologists and many patients it is no secret that high blood pressure numbers are related not only to cardiovascular causes, and diseases of other organs and systems. It is very important to determine the true cause of hypertension, as this will allow you to choose the right products for the correction.

Again distinguished scientists from the UK, they argue that they have been able to develop an accurate and simple test to determine the horse syndrome. The horse syndrome is a pathology of the adrenal glands, in which high blood pressure cannot be adjusted basic drugs for the treatment of hypertension. Using the new test, doctors will not waste time on a long selection of antihypertensive therapy, but the patient is recommended to seek advice from the surgeon.

Until now, diagnosis of this syndrome required a number of complex tests and study material was obtained by puncture of the adrenal vein.

Professor Morris brown said: "We were very happy, when convinced of the effectiveness of the new test, now patients will have the opportunity to go available and accurate research for the correct diagnosis of adrenal hyperplasia".

This is a really important development, let's hope that in the near future and our cardiologists will be able to use this test system to determine the syndrome of crown corks.

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