A new species of dinosaur - a huge first

Recently, Argentine scientists have discovered a new species of dinosaurs. The name translates from Latin as huge first. Experts found fragments of a skeleton of an unknown animal. And the bones allowed to describe in detail a new species of dinosaur. Scientists have found that the animal had a length of over eight meters, and weighed about 10 tons. So dinosaur decided to call huge first. Assume that this animal lived on our planet around 250 million years ago.

For science these studies are very important. The dinosaurs turned out to maximize mass, thanks to the vertebrae. Previously it was thought that this symptom indicates the transition to gigantism. He appeared about 180 million years ago. Now paleontologists believe that it was much earlier. For mankind, the dinosaurs represent the group that had previously lived on our planet. In the remains there is an opportunity to see some interesting evolutionary changes. The story of the dinosaurs will allow humanity to avoid various problems, threats from space, temperature and so on.

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