A new simple test for detecting ovarian cancer

A team of scientists from the Institute of Cancer Research States that have developed a new simple test for ovarian cancer, which will appear in wide use within two years. It is based on the identification of the defective gene that increases the risk of ovarian cancer among women in six times.

One of the 11 women with this gene how sick of a cancer, among ordinary women are affected one of the 70. If women are aware of a high probability of cancer due to defective genes, they are able to make the decision about the removal of the ovaries after birth.

Only in the UK each year is logged 6,500 cases of ovarian cancer and 4,000 women die each year from it, unfortunately, cancer is diagnosed too late and life-threatening stage.

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Leading researcher of the project to develop a test at the Institute of cancer research Nazrin Rahman believes that the discovery of this gene has allowed us to develop a diagnostic test that will give hope for early diagnosis of the disease and means of salvation thousands of lives.

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