A new procedure for issuing certificates

Portal "guarantor" announced the official approval by the relevant order of the Ministry of health particular order issuing certificates and medical reports.

In accordance with this document, to get help it will be possible, upon presentation of documents confirming the identity, turning for help to the doctor. This applies not only to Russian citizens and foreigners, refugees and stateless persons. When receiving services under the conditions of obligatory medical insurance, to obtain a conclusion it will be necessary to provide additional insurance health insurance.

For the attending physician shall be entitled to specify the help of certain information concerning the treatment to the doctor, passing examinations, inspections, investigations and treatment. In addition, the medical records can be supplemented with data:

• about diseases (moved available) or the lack of it;

• results of examinations and treatment;

• exemption from attending educational institutions and other organizations.

Also order approved the terms of issue of medical reports: no more than 3 days of treatment by a doctor or other medical procedures. Conclusion on death and its causes will be available on the day of applying for it.

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Issued certificates and medical reports will have an arbitrary shape. The only requirement for these documents is the presence of the stamp of the medical institution and the signature of the physician or members of the Commission.

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