A new outbreak of Dengue in Nicaragua

Edition Xinhua reports that, according to Sony Castro, who is the Minister of health of Nicaragua, Dengue fever has already hit 1543 person, 4 cases of which were fatal. The largest number of infected are in Managua, numerous cases have been observed in Leon, Chinandega, Chontales, Masai. Thus, the virus has spread throughout the Western provinces of the southern and Central parts.

Today formed a special Committee to monitor the virus. Are emergency disinfection work is educational and preschool institutions. In addition to Nicaragua, the virus has time to seep in Central America, Costa Rica, El Salvador and Honduras.

The main symptoms are: fever, persistent headaches, pain in all joints, muscles and bones. In some cases, fever accompanied by rash, possible bleeding from the nose and gums.

Annually from Dengue fever number of cases varies from 50 to 10 million people in the tropics and subtropics. In most cases, infected recovers. However, with the development of fever, possible severe internal bleeding, leading to damage of internal organs, particularly the liver, followed by death.

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