April 5, the journal Current Biology published the work of scientists of the University of Padua in the area of writing and reading in young children. Scientists on the basis of studies have concluded that dyslexia can be identified in a child even before then, when he learns to read.

The fundamental method is the detection of a decrease in the ability of the eye crystals to perceive information from the surrounding world, which is the main characteristic of dyslexia. Scientists have observed for children from kindergarten age up to the second grade in school. For three years the researchers gave kids assignments and tests on attention, concentration, was studied memory on the verbal level, the ability to find certain characters, the colors shown in the pictures.

Studies have shown that 60 percent of the children had difficulty in performing tasks that in the future there have been some difficulties in the classroom for reading. Scientists in their work, note that the disturbance in the development of speech in children does not play a major role in the development of dyslexia, and to a greater extent is a secondary sign, as when the championship is the lack of visual attention.

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Recall that dyslexia is a neurological disease, which is manifested in the developmental reading and writing, without affecting the scope of learning in General. This disorder affects about 10% of children. Thus, researchers are trying to radically change the perception of dyslexia and, as a consequence, the idea of the methods of detection and treatment of this disease in children. Scientists propose to identify dyslexia using a set of visual perception tests. In case of positive result of this test: immediately begin to apply the methods of action aimed at preventing dyslexia at an early stage of development.

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