A new method of cancer treatment prolongs the life of patients at 2 years

American, canadian, Italian and South Korean scientists continue to come to grips with research in the field of cancer treatment. The best minds on the planet puzzled by the search for drugs against cancer, and most studies have only one goal - to find a method of early diagnosis and subsequent treatment of cancer. Oncologists are increasingly faced with quite advanced forms of cancer, when he is almost at its final stage. In such cases, doctors try to do everything possible to prolong the life of the patient.

Here the specialists begin to solve the problems associated with the immune system, which begins to perceive cancer cells for their not fighting with them. Scientists, it seems, managed to find a way to solve this issue.

The essence of the new method of treatment is that the scientists used a virus that can destroy only cancer cells. After this, the virus-killer of cancer cells destroyed in turn by the human immune system. It turns out that the body is fighting cancer.

The results on 30 patients suffering from liver cancer, research has shown that after the introduction of them scientists modified vaccinia virus, the life of the patients was increased at 6-14 months, and in some cases up to two years. It should be noted that the man "burns" from this cancer a maximum of 3 months. Scientists continue their research in order to use a new technique for the treatment of cancer of other organs.

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