A new method for the treatment of breast cancer: a blocking enzyme

Scientists from Singapore say they have found an enzyme that contribute to the development of breast cancer, this finding could initiate a new effective method for the treatment of disease.

A team of scientists at the Genome Institute and the National Institute of Singapore believes that the enzyme EZH2 prevents some suppressors of tumors, thus helping the cancer to develop unhindered. It is known that distinct enzyme EZH2 is associated with rapid and aggressive spread of breast cancer, and the doctors decided to block this enzyme to prevent tumor development.

Scientists came to the conclusion that injections of drugs that suppress the activity of EZH2, will not help in all cases of cancer, EZH2 also washes activate certain genes involved in cancer development, and then block it will be too late.

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However, scientists continue to develop inhibitors as cancer-type enzyme-blocker is most common in women, and therefore, scientists have every chance of success.

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