A new method for the detection of prostate cancer

A team of scientists from the University of California States that have developed a new technology that can be used to detect prostate cancer, the method works in the Department of cancer cells in body fluids from healthy.

Now scientists are working to identify the dependence of the number of cancer cells in the blood and the forecast for the outcome of the disease. The higher the number of cells, the worse the prognosis.

Cancer cells in the blood are often the initiators of metastases, it is very important to find and recognize them in the body fluids as soon as possible, because this will improve diagnosis and treatment of disease. Although the primary tumor does not kill patients, it it makes metastases.

If scientists were able to drain the blood and to catch any cancer cells that could stop metastasis. A team of scientists distinguish cancer cells from non-cancer using laser spectroscopy and silver nanoparticles. Silver particles emit a wide range of colors. This method is much more efficient fluorescence.

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