A new experimental drug overcomes brain cancer

According to the Oncology Centre at Ohio University - finally managed to create a drug which impacts on a variety of aggressive brain tumor, without any problems overcoming the blood-brain barrier. Is blokirovki growth of blood vessels in tumors, and cancer cells are successfully destroyed, reports Medical News Today.

Animal testing, and laboratory tests have shown impressive results. The most common and most aggressive type of brain cancer is glioblastoma multiforme. With this diagnosis, life expectancy is approximately 15 months. In the treatment of the main problem - hematoencephalic barrier.

In the brain, thus, there is a natural protection against viruses, toxins and pathogens. But along with these drugs also can not penetrate into the brain.

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The new drug has a specific agent that is associated with open areas phosphatidylserine, located on the surface of tumor cells. As a result stopping the growth of blood vessels, which enter the tumor with nutrients and oxygen; deprived of oxygen, the cells quickly die.

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