A new drug against influenza is the final test

Soon on the pharmaceutical market will be a new tool against influenza virus. The company Janssen Pharmaceuticals together with Vertex Pharmaceuticals is engaged in development and manufacture of drug called VX-787.

Today VX-787 is the second phase of testing. This drug - experimental design. The main active ingredient reacts with the viral polymerase. In the end, the RNA of the virus is destroyed, the virus loses its ability to divide. VX-787 is active against influenza virus type A, precisely this type causes the disease in humans (H1N1, H5N1).

Research has proven the effectiveness and safety of the drug. Its oral form is well tolerated by healthy people. When tested on volunteers with different forms of the flu drug shows significant improvement of the disease. Experiments and research funds continue. In the future, probably on the shelves of pharmacies will receive a drug in a new type of flu.

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