A new discovery in the field of cancer treatment

As stated by British scientists, they have managed to cure prostate cancer in mice using a new therapeutic method. They developed a new way of delivering virus to malignant formations, which, introduced into the tumor, the virus will be destroyed by the human immune system, but quite the contrary - the virus that reaches the cancer cells and destroys them, according to "Russian service of the BBC".

Professionals with great enthusiasm learned about this new technique, which was published in the journal "Cancer Research". It should also be noted that similar experiments on humans has not yet been carried out.

The use of viruses in the fight against cancer is a new attempt to find an effective treatment for cancer. The main problem was the "delivery" of the virus to its destination.

According to Professor at the University of Sheffield Clare Lewis, the new technique of "Trojan horse" means the use of the transport white blood cells - leukocytes.

Experiments on mice showed that those individuals, which was held this forty-day experiment, after it recovered from the disease completely. The remaining mice, which were treated by other methods, has died.

According to the Professor, this method destroys the tumor and does not let it grow again. Her concern is the fact that tested on mice treatment methods have been ineffective in the treatment of the person. In conclusion, the Professor talked about his willingness to try out this technique on cancer as early as next year.

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