A mother's love reliable protection from stress

It is proved that the love of a mother in childhood protects the person from stress in the future. How would say the Chinese philosopher Lao-Tzu, love affects not only the heart, but also has to do with the head. Research conducted in the canadian Institute of psychiatry and health at the University of Douglas, support this idea: researchers found that a mother's love affects positively on the developing brain of the child.

Previously it was proved that the amount and quality of breast milk and the first tactile contact of the mother with the baby affect the response of stress in his adulthood. Now neurologists found that the attention of the mother to the baby in the first months of life helps him to make the brain less susceptible to stressful situations.

Laboratory experiments on rats it was found that the expression of interest of the mother to her offspring in adult his age reduces susceptibility to stress. In other words, only thanks to the care of the mother of the cubs, when he grew up, to stressful situations were less vulnerable.

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Experts report that at an early age, degree of parental support and care has a powerful effect on stress response in adulthood. A large proportion of maternal care from the first years of life among psychiatrists are associated with increased self-esteem and low stress hormone cortisol.

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