A month without alcohol will greatly improve the body - the scientists

Of course, the alcohol in excessive quantities is a very negative factor affecting the condition of the whole human body. Most strongly affected the cardiovascular system and barrier function of the liver, which is not designed for this load.

Scientists from the Royal free hospital in London conducted a study and found, as abstinence from alcohol can change a person's life. It turned out that after a month feel much better, cholesterol decreases, increases efficiency and productivity. The liver is restored and begins to function in a healthy mode, writes The Daily Mail.

The study showed that abstinence from alcohol for a period of about a month allowed the average person to lose 1.5 kg, to reduce the rate of harmful blood cholesterol by 5% and the amount of fat in the liver by 15%. Cirrhosis and fatty change of the liver is one of the most serious consequences of systematic alcohol.

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It is worth noting that doctors can't exactly answer the question whether a similar effect in alcoholics and those who allows himself a moderate amount of alcohol. In addition, not installed, is there still a positive effect, if the person again takes up the glass after a month break from alcohol. One thing is certain, in this month the liver and the entire body to rest and recover.

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