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Chocolate is pleasing to the eye, taste, smell, and, in General, the soul. But it turns out that for the skin it is also useful today came into use masks, massages, wraps and even baths with chocolate. It nourishes, refreshes and moisturizes the skin, stimulates the "happy hormone", serotonin and endorphins. In addition, it helps to develop the skin collagen and elastin, which she pulled.Anti-cellulite chocolate wrap recommended for those who want to return to the body of the youth, to eliminate "orange peel" skin and stretch marks. Soothing cocoa butter is especially shown dry skin, it restores its proper moisture balance, leaving it soft and smooth. The composition of the chocolate wrapping may include, for example, chocolate or cocoa and almond oil, silicone and theobromine. Its active ingredients are antioxidants include polyphenols and vitamin E that provides moisturizing, softening and regeneration. Theobromine, a substance extracted from cocoa beans, effectively stimulates the resorption of subcutaneous fat and expands the blood vessels, is a good natural anti-depressant. The silicone helps with cellulite, it promotes the protein synthesis and restore the elasticity of tissues. After wrapping the circulation in the skin increases, so that the skin gets stretched attractive appearance. The wrap is usually preceded by a massage with almond oil or cocoa butter and exfoliation that removes dead skin cells, stimulate circulation and prepare the skin to absorb nutrients. Sometimes peels are used crushed solid part of the cocoa beans. If you combine chocolate wrapping with a suitable diet, you will easily get rid of excess weight. Well, pleasant sessions would be beneficial for health and well-being.Simplified home version of chocolate wrapping - a mixture of water and cocoa and a plastic film on top. But another trendy procedure - lymphatic drainage yourself to exercise at home will not work. This must be done by specially trained, specialist in the salon. What is lymphatic drainage? This is a special type of massage that aims to eliminate stagnation in the lymphatic system of the body. Using a special rhythmic tapping, which patients find very soothing. Swollen lymph nodes, swelling, weight gain, sagging skin and acne - all this is a clear testimony to the rate of lymphatic drainage. But heart disease and thyroid are contraindications. It is a powerful and effective tool, however, before to resort to it, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

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