A method of recovery of the heart after myocardial infarction in one shot

Scientists found a method that will help you quickly and efficiently to restore cardiac function after myocardial infarction. When the efficiency of laboratory testing world can get a new tool that helps single administration of the drug, instead of scar tissue will form a functioning cells of the myocardium.

The technology is based on cell therapy, its application does not require the cultivation of cells in the laboratory and further introducing them directly into the heart. The drug is essentially a stimulator of cell growth by means of its own body. It acts thanks to gene promoters transforming fibroblasts (undifferentiated cells) in cardiomyocytes.

The experiment was conducted in vitro, was successful. Scientists were able to convert one cell type into another: the connective tissue under the action of the drug was changed to myocardial cells, says Stem Cell Reports.

Fibroblasts found in many tissues and organs, including the heart. Usually, after myocardial infarction is formed connective tissue consists of cells-fibroblasts. This fabric does not already contractile function and is not involved in cardiac activity. That is why the people who have this disease have problems with the cardiovascular system. For proper operation the necessary cardiomyocytes, stimulation of growth which causes a new tool.

Scientists believe that this study contributed to the development of a new round in cell therapy. In the specific case of stem cells for full recovery of the heart is not desired, perform their role quite "adult" fibroblasts, of which the heart is half.

For the experiment, scientists reprogrammed these cells into cardiomyocytes is a highly specialized cells of the heart tissue. This applies to the stimulating genes that are capable of only this type of differentiation. Was first found by the combination of genes that are suitable for playback of heart cells of the mouse, and only after lengthy attempts to recreate the myocardium of a man was discovered a set of genes GMT+ESRRG+MESP1, which gave the desired effect.

80 percent of newly formed cells were changed only slightly, and only the remaining began to conduct an electrical impulse and fall. But this, scientists believe, is a huge breakthrough in the treatment of myocardial infarction. In vivo results of differentiation can be better.

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This method will allow future major part of therapy for heart attacks in one injection. Now the researchers plan to conduct experiments on large animals are similar to human anatomy, such as pigs. The next stage will serve as the replacement gene cocktail" on the protein blend that will make medicine safer and easier to use.

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