A man's health depends on the level of intelligence of women

Researchers from Sweden have come to believe that marriage to a smart woman has a positive effect on the health of men. This opinion is based on the results of the Swedish study, which was attended by half a million couples. The analysis of the obtained data, the researchers concluded that the level of education of the spouse directly affects the health status of the spouse. However, the male intellect such has no effect.

According to scientists, these results may be due to the fact that my wife takes important decisions about family life, and she, in most cases, says the diet.

So the more educated spouse, the better decisions it takes, and its level of knowledge depends on many things. However, man is also one of the key positions in family life, in fact it is often a money earner in the family. From the amount of profit it depends on living conditions, food quality, and also the fact how much the family can afford the rest. These factors are also important for health.

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