A man's career is 80% dependent on its power in childhood

Scientists have established that if a person in childhood eating right, most likely, in adulthood he will achieve great success in building a career.

Balanced diet affects the overall development of the child's intellectual and physical abilities. In recent decades control over the nutrition of children aged 6 to 12 years old declined markedly. Students were given freedom, and they were reaching for fatty, sweet and salty. Scientists have proven that this diet reduces the chances of a successful career in the future.

Children should drink a lot of milk and dairy products. It is better to use milk of natural fat content, this product is a great source of affordable protein and fat. The level of emotional intelligence with a proper diet becomes higher. It is the emotional intelligence, researchers believe, helps in career and quick promotion.

Only 20% of success depends on IQ and 80% of experts in the field of psychology are assigned the emotional component. That is why healthy eating is so important for a growing body.

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