A little about dentures

I guess not everybody knows how complicated the life of man after tooth loss. He is experiencing problems with chewing, talking, smile, especially if it is not in the front. Prosthetics today, gives real opportunity to restore the deleted or lost tooth. Modern technologies, which offer reliable dentistry in St. Petersburg enable professionals to quickly and accurately find the size, color, shape new teeth. This eliminates not only functional, but also a cosmetic defect. Dentures have long ceased to be a long and painful process.

Currently, there are both fixed and removable prosthetics. Removable dental clinic of St. Petersburg European level is often used when the complete tooth loss, and non-removable represent different structures consisting of several elements.

Consider some types of prostheses.

Tabs are fillings made in the laboratory with high precision for individual mould. This type of recovery is used when a significant destruction of the tooth when you install a high-quality seal is not possible.

Veneers can change the shape and color of the enamel, as well as to achieve the "Hollywood" smile. This type of prosthesis is just an aesthetic problem.

A partial denture is put for the loss of one or several teeth. It is made from plastic, except for the hooks. It is easy and relatively cheap dentures. However, it takes too much space and has a limited service life.

A full denture is often the only possibility to recover all the lost teeth. In the mouth it is held by suction to the protruding portions of the jaws. The clasp denture is a removable structure with a distributed load on the abutment teeth and the gums. This prosthesis is pretty strong, durable and comfortable, so it is used as an alternative to partially removable prosthesis.

The kind of clasp dentures are dentures on telescopic crowns. On the teeth they are held by means consisting of two parts of the crowns. The first is a removable metal ceramic crown, and the second metal cap, cemented in the tooth. Therefore, the same principle are made removable bridges. When in need of a large prosthesis, but it is not possible to secure a fixed bridge.

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