A liter of soda a day reduces life expectancy

All efforts to maintain a healthy lifestyle roll down to nothing, if you drink the entire liter of soda per day. Scientists provide figures, which shows that soda together with other factors reduces the duration and quality of life, leading to various pathologies.

Such conclusions are based on studies that have shown that doses of sugar, which are considered safe for humans, are causing disease in many animals.

It was found that a diet, a quarter consisting of sugar kills laboratory animals, reducing their life expectancy.

Increased consumption of sugar leads to abnormalities in the functioning of the liver, diabetes, problems with the heart and blood vessels. Many American scientists families reduce the consumption of sugar in order to maintain their health.

But not everyone agrees with the opinion of scientists. The Association of soft drinks and the Association of sugar producers consider the results of the research are insufficiently documented, and sugar is a side cause of the high mortality and morbidity in modern society.

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