A list of the most common causes of male infidelity

Indian specialist in the field of family relations Dr. Kamal Horan examined research related to the topic of male infidelity, and then made a list of main reasons why men cheat on their wives, writes The Times of India.

First in the compiled list is a bad atmosphere in the family: unsolved problems and disputes put up a man with a dilemma: stay and fight or to run away and have fun. It was at this point most men find themselves mistresses when they try to find what they lack in the family.

One of the reasons why men start their campaigns "left" - the usual boredom. Daily routine and life oppressed by men, and therefore other women begin to seem them more attractive. In third place is the thirst for sex. There is a category of men who by nature are incorrigible womanizers, the purpose of which is to get as many women as possible.

In addition to sexual dissatisfaction representatives of the male population may also experience a lack of emotional connection with his wife, and that can push a man to commit adultery. Husband on a subconscious level begins to be jealous of his wife to her job, household, children, and, not having received proper attention, he begins to look for emotions on the side.

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By the way, scientists also notes that cheating may have a hereditary character. If the man in the child saw someone from relatives changes, it can leave a deep imprint in his mind, and the rest of his life he may think that change is normal.

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